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At KMK-R Ltd. we have a variety of machines. We are starting from automated lines to produce rigid boxes, folders, and textile sample books and going through equipment for post-print finishing operations.

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What technologies we use?

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A wide variety of production processes are carried out in our factory, such as cutting and die-cutting (of all types of paper, cardboard, and textiles), box wrapping, box assembling, foil stamping, laser cutting, CNC grooving, all types and of gluing and drilling and many others.

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Foil stamp

We can make your product stand out and look professional using the foil stamping technique with our high-tech machinery. This will give it a spectacular appearance and ensure high quality.

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Embossing is a technique used to create a raised text or logo on a product, giving it a 3D effect that captures attention and enhances its appearance.

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Debossing is the opposite of embossing. In this case, the text or logo is pressed inward, creating a unique effect that catches the eye.

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UV varnish

Using UV varnish on your product gives a more luxurious look. You can contact us to help you decide if this technology is right for your product.

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Silk-screen printing

Silk-screen printing is one of the many printing/branding techniques we offer. The main advantage of this technique is the wide variety of materials on which it can be used.

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Adding inlays to your boxes is a smart way to ensure the safety of your products. Inlays come in various shapes and sizes and can be made of paper, cardboard, or foam.

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Magnetic closure

Magnetic closure is another technology that our company is proud to present to you. Magnets can be different sizes and strengths, depending on the size and shape of the product they are placed in. We also offer absolute hiding of the magnets in the box.

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Closure with ribbon

To give your box a timeless appearance, consider using a ribbon closure.

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Cut out windows

By adding a PVC window to your box, the product stored inside becomes visible, creating a unique user experience.

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Why choosing us?

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We focus on using high-quality materials and paying close attention to every detail.

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Our goal is to fulfil orders quickly and efficiently!

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At our company, we work with businesses from different European countries on a global scale.

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Our top priority is to manufacture products that meet the needs of our customers.