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KMK-R Ltd. is a European manufacturer of luxury packaging. Our products include a range of luxury boxes, printed binders, and textile sample books.

KMK-R - Luxury packaging
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We focus on using high-quality materials and paying close attention to every detail.

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Our goal is to fulfil orders quickly and efficiently!

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At our company, we work with businesses from different European countries on a global scale.

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Our top priority is to manufacture products that meet the needs of our customers.

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Our Products

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Our company specializes in custom-made boxes. We offer a full service, including developing the box design, creating samples, producing, and printing.

These boxes are popular because they are simple to open and close, providing easy access to all items inside.
For a luxurious presentation of your product, magnetic closure boxes or jacket boxes are the ideal solution.
The shoulder box is similar to the base and lid box but has an extra neck box inside the base.
The base and sleeve box are the same as the base and lid box, with the lid replaced by a sleeve.
Folding or Collapsible boxes are your solutions to save storage space or reduce transport volume.
Luxury document boxes or Hollinger boxes are extremely non-standard products made entirely to the customer's requirements.
Corrugated boxes are a great option for a cost-effective alternative to rigid boxes.
Our company specialises in creating custom box designs based on our customers' ideas.
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Textile sample book making

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Our company’s additional focus is on creating textile sample books.

Sample Books are individual samples positioned directly on one another and permanently bound together.
Waterfall Hangers can present larger fabric samples to clients in an environment miming their final use.
Sample cards can provide a quick all-inclusive view of your line and come with a large assortment of layout options.
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At KMK-R Ltd. we have a variety of machines. We are starting from automated lines to produce rigid boxes, folders, and textile sample books and going through equipment for post-print finishing operations.

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Foil stamp

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UV varnish

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Magnetic closure

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Closure with ribbon

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About us

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At KMK-R Ltd., we pride ourselves on flexibility, speed, and excellent customer communication.

KMK-R - Who are we?

Who are we?

We are a company based in Yagodovo, Bulgaria, that specializes in designing and manufacturing advertising materials.


With over 20 years of experience, our team is dedicated to producing high-quality products and maintaining excellent communication with our clients. We keep our clients updated throughout the project to ensure that we meet deadlines.

Our mission

Our mission is to represent our client’s products in the best possible way with top-quality products. As a small company, we are flexible with time-sensitive projects and can adjust to changes in deadlines. We perform detailed quality checks and controls to meet our client’s requirements.

KMK-R - Our mission
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Contact us

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For more information, you can contact us every day.

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