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Our team has fifteen years of experience in designing various advertising materials. Our main goal is to make quality products at competitive prices and to maintain good communication with our customers. We inform our clients about the progress of their project to be able to join the deadline. Since we are a small company, we are flexible to time-sensitive projects. If time limits change, there is no problem, we will work for that. To meet the requirements of our customers, we perform detailed quality checks and controls.

Since we are the ones who physically build the products, we are always looking to improve our methods and solutions that we offer to our customers. This is our business.




We use quality materials and pay attention to every detail!


We strive to execute the order for a very short time!


We work with international companies at competitive prices!


In the process of manufacturing, we put a piece of our hearts!


Sample Cards

Sample cards can provide a quick all-inclusive view of your line and come with a large assortment of layout options for a broad variety of materials including fabrics, leather, vinyl, wall coverings, wire, and paper. Textile shapes and edges can be presented in a variety of styles and the product information can be printed directly onto the card. The weight of the card is customizable based upon the card stock selected to best suit the fabric being presented.

Waterfall Hangers

Waterfall Hangers can present larger fabric samples to clients in an environment that mimics their final use. The fabrics can be flat or folded in different swatch sizes. The pieces can be hung individually or you can combine a number of individual samples on one hanger or cord. Printed information can be added to the header, the back of the sample or by adding informational inserts to the set.

Luxury Boxes and Folders

We produce different types and sizes of boxes - for jewellery, documents, gifts, bottles and more. They can be wrapped with bookbinding canvas, laminated paper, vinyl, leather, textile and branded with screen printing, hot stamping, stickers. The folders are different types - with ring mechanisms, magnets, double folded, triple folded.

Sample Books

Sample Books are individual samples that are positioned directly on top of one another and permanently bound together. The cover, edges and spine can be customized and the Books can be created in a large variety of shapes and sizes. The swatches can be arranged in a single uniform stack or compiled with a diverse assortment of sizes. Typically the edges are finished by pinking but they can be overlocked or straight as well.


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